Pequeno Wine & Tapas Bar


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Pequeno Wine & Tapas Bar

Dunedin’s best kept local secret, Pequeno Wine & Tapas Bar, is found down the Laneway opposite the Rialto Theatre, on Moray Place in the outer Octagon. Here you can expect professional service, live music and Spanish inspired cocktails, in a super chic setting.

Bars & Nightlife

It is important to get your days right in Dunedin. Like any other place in the world, the locals dictate the buzz: a pub may be humming on a Thursday, but never on a Monday, a bar may be the place to go on a Wednesday, but not to be seen at on a Saturday. Talk to locals, especially students, they will know where to go and when. Time it right and you will be swept up in an intelligent bar scene worthy of any underground city. Dunedin specialises in intimate cocktail bars where conversations abound or rowdy pubs with live music. There is something for all drinking palates and pleasures, so pull up a stool.