Marina Yasmine Hammamet


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Marina Yasmine Hammamet

The Yasmine port and marina area are a widely-known tourist magnet, much due to the abundance of charming waterfront (and even some floating on the water surface itself!) bars and restaurants, mostly known for their loungy vibes. For harder partying, head to Hammamet Sud after sunset drinks here.

Bars & Nightlife

Nightlife entertainment primarily centers around Hammamet Sud, while the Yasmine marina area is more known for its low-key, lounge-type bars. In the drinks department, Tunisia boasts some quality locally-produced wines (stocked in most places that serve alcohol) and a fig-based brandy variety (boukha). Celestia is a popular non-alcoholic beer. Do mind that not all local establishments serve alcohol, so it might be a good idea to enquire beforehand. Alcohol sale is restricted on Muslim holidays.