Resto de la Plage


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Resto de la Plage

The restaurant is set directly on the beach, offering diners unobstructed views of the water and — during the evening hours - the golden sunsets. Cuisine served is a mix of Mediterranean culinary traditions, with an emphasis on Italian flavours and seafood. Mind that alcohol is not served here.


Eateries in and around Hammamet (and the Yasmine resort complex) cater to a plethora of different tastes, given that the city regularly receives large numbers of foreign visitors. Seafood features prominently on local restaurants' menus, and so does lamb. One local specialty not to be missed is couscous, a dish containing the grain itself along with meat and/or vegetables. Meals often come with a side of harissa - a spicy peppery paste, to be mixed in with food or used as a spread.