Le Carpe Diem


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Le Carpe Diem

Le Carpe Diem is a laid-back evening venue with drinks and live music, and several food options (including sushi) are on offer as well. Dancing starts later in the evening, so drop in if you'd like to hit the dance floor.

Bars & Nightlife

Tunis may not have much in the way of nightclubs, but the nation's capital certainly boasts a few enticing spots for an evening drink. Most hotels feature adjacent bars and lounges, some with superb views - such as the Sky Bar of the Novotel, for example. The Jamaica Bar at El Hana Hotel is another establishment with a fantastic view that serves drinks and draws an international crowd. The seaside areas of Marsa and Gammarth are known for their luxury hotels, most of which have their own tourist-friendly bars and clubs. Female travelers to the area must be warned that quite a few establishments outside of big hotels still only cater to men, and going out solo at night is highly advised against.