Café Sidi Ben Arous


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Café Sidi Ben Arous

Sit down and take in the atmosphere of a Tunisian evening at this authentic centrally located cafe. Hot drinks, hookah and seating right on one of the curvy Medina streets will let you enjoy a relaxed moment in the hectic pace of the old town.


Dates, nuts and honey are the three ingredients that feature in most traditional Tunisian desserts. Makroudh and Baklawa are the two most common ones, along with powdered donuts sprinkled with nuts and honey. Seasonal fresh fruit is often served as dessert after a meal, and is well expected when dining out. There is no shortage of European-style pastries and sweets in the Tunisian capital either - small bakeries dot the new part of the city, and French-looking cafes offer all sorts of desserts and pastries such as crepes, croissants and cakes.