Rue Charles de Gaulle


Copyright: Wael Ghabara/Wikimedia Commons

Rue Charles de Gaulle

Rue Charles de Gaulle is a part of French colonial heritage in the area, and offers visitors a good glimpse of Tunisian urban life. The street is very commercial and one is never far away from a shop here, with the Marche Central located conveniently on it.


The number one shopping spot in the city of Tunis is, of course, the Medina and its endless narrow souqs, most of which specialize in a particular product - whole streets here are devoted to books, spices, textiles, ceramics, natural cosmetics and other goods. Haggling is expected here, so the first price you hear may be eventually decreased to a mere fraction. If haggling becomes overwhelming, head to the new part of town, or "nouvelle ville", where most shops sell a very similar array of goods but offer fixed prices and are pleasantly air-conditioned. Those with a sweet tooth should stock up on "candy" made with dates, boxes of which make good edible gifts and souvenirs.